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The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead

Post  Gonzo on Tue Feb 19, 2013 7:54 pm

Being a subscriber to Game Informer magazine has many o' perks. I get to see all the new games coming out, reviews of games I thought of buying but wasn't sure, acceptable reading material while I am on the toilet, so every month I get my issue if game informer I do get a little giddy inside. Game Informer however, did have something different going on for a few months last year. There seemed to have been one game that was featured in every issue...

Now I knew there was a Walking Dead game out, but I figured it was just some poor recreation of the television series that is sweeping the world, but as I read these reviews on my porcelain covered throne, I was shocked to see that not only was this game good, but it was being hailed as Game of the Year worthy. I thought to myself How could an arcade game be compared along side so many blockbusting disk-based games? So suffice to say I pulled up my pants, ran down to my room. got on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and downloaded 5 episodes of one of the most tearful, terrifying, and emotionally gut-wrenching games I have ever played in my life....


The Walking Dead is an episodic game series developed by TellTale games. The game takes place within Robert Kirkman's "Walking Dead" Universe.
It is available on Xbox Live Marketplace, PSN, and PC. There has been 5 episodes that have been released with multiple chapters in those episodes.

ESRB Rating: M


You play as Lee Everett, a former history teacher who is being sent to prison for killing a U.S Senator who was having an affair with his wife. While driving, the officer who is escorting you hits a man on the road, veers off and crashes in the woods. Except that the man they have just hit was anything but a man. As you awaken out of the crash, injured and confused, Lee see the body of the officer escorting Lee, only this dead body is coming after Lee with bad intent. Lee is forced to kill the officer and try to figure out what is going on. Lee escapes out of the forested area and arrives in a town.

Lee walks into a blood splattered house and investigate, until Lee hear a feint sound coming out of a walkie-talkie.
Lee hears the voice of a small girl who is hiding out in a nearby tree-house. Lee meet up with the young girl, Clementine. She is in distraught because her parents left for vacation the days prior and is worried about them. Lee decides to help the girl find her parents and with that a journey insues throughout the torn city of Atlanta to help this little girl find her parents. You meet up with a group of survivors and hatch a plan to leave the city. Emotional boundries are strained, tragedies, ensue, and extremely touch decisions are forced as you help a little girl find her parents and try to protect at all costs.

It seems as if every player develops the same rule when they play this game: NO ONE HURTS CLEMENTINE!


The Walking Dead is a point and click style of gaming. Similar to games like Heavy Rain and L.A Noire. This game is more decision-based than it really is "action-adventure." Though it does provide exciting moments. You can strike up conversations and choose what you say with different outcomes coming out of your responses. There is a plethora of different outcomes this game can provide so playbacks are recommended.

Pros vs. Cons

-This game is not suited for the hardcore FPS or Action adventure. It is mostly dialogue so sometimes this game will get a bit dull and somewhat boring at parts.

-Graphics- I know this is an arcade game and it was based off the comic, so they made it look similar to that of a comic, but I felt since this game felt so real with the morality and human behavior that if this game took more of a realistic approach with the graphics it would have had me more involved throughout.


-Story- I was so happy when they decided to come up with an original story than a story based off of the Television Series. Not only did they write a fantastic story. It kind of made me yearn for the television series to be like this story.

-Characters- Lee Everett is a very solid protagonist to play as. The hero with a dark past forced to protect a little girl he barely knows. The other survivors who join along side you are also very intriguing as well. You as a person will actually grown feelings of distaste for some characters and a strong bond with others.

-Consequences- Almost all of the choices you make in this game are followed by consequences later. You are often faced with questioning morality when it is doing the right thing or doing something to survive and protect Clementine. I felt very uneasy at times when I made a decision and the actions that followed were unfortunate, but you are forced to live with these decisions.

-Storylines- This game can veer off to many paths. The amount of different ways things happen is fantastic so its hard to get the same game twice. It makes you want to go back and play through again just to see what else may have happened.

-Natural Born Leader- I know this may sound weird but It was refreshing to be put into some type of survivalist game and not be the group's leader. Leadership is disputed between two other characters while you are more like the voice of reason. Not to say that you don't take leadership, you will spring as a leader often but its nice to kinda take a seat back and watch other people make bad decisions.

Now this next Pro I have to categorize by itself....

-CLEMENTINE!- Never. Never have I had a character in not only a video game, but in film none-the-less capture me like this little girl. You will contemplate making decisions that may disagree with morally just to protect this little girl. Her innocence and ignorance of the what is going on makes her somewhat helpless and drives you to protect her more. I believe that Clementine is used as a representation of the good things left, the things left worth dying over. Within all the mayhem, violence, and drama there is still this one sweet girl, who wears an over sized ballcap, and likes to draw that just hooks you immediately.

In conclusion!

This was by far my favorite game that came out last year. It was the most realistic zombie game I have ever played. It detoured from the stereotypical, Left 4 Dead, KILL EVERYTHING! and took a more mental approach. Sure it wasn't as exciting as a shooter, but it really made you feel involve. Episode 2 alone made me just kind of sit back and and regather myself for an hour or two....

"Excuse me, but um........dafuck?!!"

This is with out a doubt a game-changer...(see what I did there Cool ) If you are a gamer looking to be overtaken by a great story than yes. This is a game for you. Walking Dead is a game that I grown to love and without a doubt I will place among my favorites. Kudos to TellTale Games for turning the tables on your run-in-the-mill zombie game.

Overall Score. 9/10! AMAZINGLY AWESOME.

This has been a review by Gonzo.

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